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List of features confirmed for the open public test (Almost daily updated until the open test)


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Confirmed features:
- Quick matchmaking for rapid/classical/correspondence games with any lichess player
- Challenge the bots
- Able to accept challenges
- Solve puzzles
- 4 environments
- 10 chessmen skins
- 10+ table skins

To be added during the test:
(Ordered by priority)
- Select categories for the puzzles
- Add highlight capabilities to all chessmen skins; right now just the Golden/Silver skin has support for highlight.
- 3 chessboard skins
- Pre-moves
- At least 1 new Environment
- Multi-region servers (currently, only EU server is active)

Gray-lined features
(These are currently on the grayline of being on the test or not) (Ordered by priority)
- Join rapid arena tournaments
- Setup custom matches
- Challenge lichess friends/followers
- Play any other mode other than standard chess

Confirmed that won't be on the test
- Create custom tournaments
- Study openings
- Invite friends from steam for matches (since this is an open test, the client will have no connection with Steam)
- Blind Chess

The list is continuously being updated.

You are welcome to ask for new features or preferences of features to be on the open test. The earlier the request, the better.
You can request to change the priority of any of the items.

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