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Known bugs


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Known bugs and their temporary workarounds

Small bugs
  • Sometimes the white king is not highlighted when in check
  • Un Passant always visibly shows as a valid move for a pawn if it ever had a possibility to take un passant while it's on the 4/5 rank. (Doesn't disturb the game as the move is still treated as invalid)

Disturbing bugs
  • Rarely, but sometimes the Player drifts when the game starts or when switching between white/black chairs - WORKAROUND: When switching, just grab the table and you will stop moving. If you are already far from the table, just press the button to switch chairs again, and you are near the table.
  • SteamVR cannot render HD menus without blocking the view of other geometry. - WORKAROUND: Toggle the HD while playing. If you have Oculus, just use Oculus Link / Oculus Air Link.

Game-breaking bugs
- None -
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