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Feature requests to be readily available at early access on Steam


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Feature list of priorities to be ironed out for Steam's Early Access:
Questionable priority features:
  • Social VR interaction (including voice chat) with other VR players - there is quite some work to be done on features to protect those that want some sort of protection from other VR players that could be toxic in some way or form. [It may be released on the Early Access release, the 2nd update of the game, or bumped to 4-5th update in case of low requests on this feature due to the time cost-related to "just 1" feature].

Confirmed for later updates:
  • Oculus Quest 2 Hand-tracking (coming on the second update [unless I have to make a hotfix update])
  • Deep Learning AI "Instructor" (maximum about 60 days from Early Access release)

I understand that it is hard to know what you want without at least having a small taste of the game. But I will attempt to the best of my abilities to have a full working early access now Jan/Feb and would like to know which feature(s) you would most like to have available by the early access.

For ideas of what you would like, please refer to features on the Steam's store page and this post about our previous public test.

Please post here.
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