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Download Chessality's Client


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Download Chessality's Client [V. 1.0.15-1] (4.63 GB)

Open Test is closed

There are no requirements to register on the forum or join the Discord chat to test the game, however, I would highly appreciate it if testers do register and report bugs or post feature requests.

  • For testing purposes, we will make only the European server cluster available.
    Thus non-European users may experience some latency issues but are very welcome to join the test.
  • A new "HD" option is available on the menu. Oculus users should just keep it enabled. If you run Chessality using SteamVR, you may notice that turning on HD mode will cover everything in its path. This is a limitation of SteamVR.
  • Oculus users are recommended to run the game using pure Oculus Link/Oculus Air Link.
  • To minimize issues related to VR controller tracking, make sure both your headset and hands are ON and being tracked before starting the game. (This may not be required, but recommended)
  • To minimize issues related to VR controller tracking, please run the game as Administrator. (This may not be required, but recommended)
  • To minimize issues with authenticating between Chessality and Lichess, before the browser prompt, disable ad-blocker. (This may not be required, furthermore, this is just related to authenticating the first time with Lichess and Chessality)

In-Game interactions:

  • Grab: You can grab the table to adjust yourself in relation to it, grab chessmen to make moves, and select menu options
  • Toggle between chairs: You can toggle between seating on the chair for the white side of the table or the black side of the table. Puzzles and new games automatically place you on the right chair, so it's mostly for those that want to see the board in different positions or appreciate the environment as seating on different chairs provides different views of the environment.
  • Toggle main menu: Toggles the view of the main menu.
  • You can throw pieces or crash them off your board, and it should restore them to their natural position after a few short seconds.
  • You can interact with a few buttons using the index finger for your right hand.
  • More interaction to come, incl. reacting and moving environmental objects.

Controllers Officially Supported
Oculus quest 2:


Oculus Rift:


Valve Index:

Valve Wands:
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