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Chessality's VR game will have a free open test on the 6th-15th of August!


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Greetings all!

I want to invite anyone with a VR-ready pc and a VR headset to join Chessality's open public test!

The test will take place between the 6th of August to Sunday the 15th of August! I will be posting more information and updates on Twitter, Chessality's forum, and discord!

Play with your lichess account in VR vs other lichess VR players and lichess non-VR players! Any questions are welcome on the forum/discord!

Chessality also targets PS VR and Oculus standalone platform, however, this open test is just for PC VR.
Oculus owners that have capable PCs, can join in by using Oculus link/ Oculus air-link.


As I continue to polish up the features that will be available for the open test, I will also be populating the forum and discord with game-related information

You are welcome to ask for new features or preferences of features to be on the open test. The earlier the request, the better.

Features confirmation topic:

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