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  1. Zananok

    Feature requests to be readily available at early access on Steam

    Feature list of priorities to be ironed out for Steam's Early Access: Questionable priority features: Social VR interaction (including voice chat) with other VR players - there is quite some work to be done on features to protect those that want some sort of protection from other VR players...
  2. Zananok

    Known bugs

    Known bugs and their temporary workarounds Small bugs Sometimes the white king is not highlighted when in check Un Passant always visibly shows as a valid move for a pawn if it ever had a possibility to take un passant while it's on the 4/5 rank. (Doesn't disturb the game as the move is still...
  3. Zananok

    Download Chessality's Client

    Download Chessality's Client [V. 1.0.15-1] (4.63 GB) Open Test is closed There are no requirements to register on the forum or join the Discord chat to test the game, however, I would highly appreciate it if testers do register and report bugs or post feature requests. Notes: For testing...
  4. Zananok

    List of features confirmed for the open public test (Almost daily updated until the open test)

    Confirmed features: - Quick matchmaking for rapid/classical/correspondence games with any lichess player - Challenge the bots - Able to accept challenges - Solve puzzles - 4 environments - 10 chessmen skins - 10+ table skins To be added during the test: (Ordered by priority) - Select...
  5. Zananok

    Chessality's VR game will have a free open test on the 6th-15th of August!

    Greetings all! I want to invite anyone with a VR-ready pc and a VR headset to join Chessality's open public test! The test will take place between the 6th of August to Sunday the 15th of August! I will be posting more information and updates on Twitter, Chessality's forum, and discord! Play...
  6. Zananok

    First Off-Topic

    Glad to hear, thanks for the support!
  7. Zananok

    First Off-Topic

    Nice, thanks for the test